TYPO3 THEMES - Rebasing the Community with ready made theme packages

TYPO3 Conference 2013

Most of the popular CMSs out there have got a lot of ready made templates available for download at the usual places, except TYPO3. Since these templates are making it easy for new users to find their way into the system and the community behind it, we think it will be essential to have them available for TYPO3 as well.

The talk will explain the reasons, why having these themes will lower the barrier for new users. It will present the TYPO3 THEMES approach that was created during the last developer days. We will show how users can easily download and install different themes to choose from. And we will have a look at the THEME PACKAGES crowd funding campaign, that aims to create different root packages for theming based on twitter bootstrap and other frameworks.

The goal is to have a broad spectrum of ready made design packages based on the major popular frameworks to kind of rebase the TYPO3 community to a solid foundation.