EXT:Webdav for TYPO3 CMS

Webdav example in OSXI’ve started to migrate my webdav extension to the CMS 6.x branch and i’d like to get some feedback.

What it does:

provide webdav access to your TYPO3 CMS installation also piping FAL storages (local and remote as API is used)

If you never heard about FAL it the short form of „file abstraction layFAL Webdav pluginer“ this is used to provide access to files stored in any type of storage, can be locally, ftp, dropbod, webdav, whatever.

Using this webdav extension you can unify the access to all these types of storages through the webdav protocol which uses FAL as a backend.

FAL drivers:

Current Status:

  • What i need:

    testers providing valuable feedback, if the extension is working, and if there are problems.

  • Known problems:

    moving files between storages is not supported.

  • Where to get it:


Please post problems / issues / features in the issue section on github.

Thank you for participating